About Us

Hey, it’s Coach Will (owner of BLG, and owner of Spark):

So glad you’ve stopped by to read this page.

Ever read the book ZAG?

It’s listed as one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

If you haven’t, you should. It’s brilliant.

In business there are two strategy choices:

  1. Do (copy) what everyone else is doing, only slightly better, or slightly cheaper, or slightly faster.
  2. Or do something DIFFERENT and truly distinctive. Something that stands out. Something that produces exponential, not marginal results.

Disruptive strategies begin with the courage to zag where others zig. If your competitors are all starting to turn left, you look right.

There’s so much more value for you, and the people you seek to serve, when you choose to turn the other way.

And it’s actually not that hard to do.

It takes no brilliant foresight.

It does not require seeing what others don’t.

It simply requires reading the herd.

When your competitors all start running in one direction, you just need to ask:

What if I ran in the opposite direction?

But it’s not a path for everyone.

Because it takes guts.

Guts to stop copying the masses and incumbents, and to move in the opposite (more “risky”) direction.

It’s scary as hell.

But this is a good signal. A signal you should lean into, not seek to avoid.

It’s the only way forward if your desire is to be NOTICED and stand out in our ever crowded fitness world of distracted masses.

The herd mentality creates an opportunity for the outlier, the weird ones, willing to choose a different path; a path that may not work.

(In fact, that's what the #Gymhacker Beta 1.0 Group is all about.)

Like so many of our gyms, we’ve also chosen to keep our company intentionally small.

We believe “small” (hence the “tiny” in our brand name) is a key to serving and mattering in a world of noise and distractions.

To have the guts to do something that matters.

To create a meaningful impact in the world; even if that impact is small (tiny, even).

We’re okay with small.

This is what truly gets us all excited and hot and sweaty under our gym shirts.

Helping people who value changing lives and making impact in order to serve and matter to their tribe.

… not the majority — who just “think about doing something” or “talk about doing something”, yet never do anything meaningful.

We value the act of doing over theory (just consuming more information).

“If more information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” — Derek Sivers

Our company (Big Little Gyms) was born very recently

(although I’ve been at this gym ownership thing for 8 years and the entrepreneurship and marketing thing full-time for 13 years (since 2006).

Before too long I plan to add my full origin story below. It’s a fun read. It involves success, and failure, and success again!

(but you'll have to wait on that)

It took us a while (and a lot of pain) to get here but we passionately love what we do.

We wake up every day, excited with the possibilities of helping others build, level up, and optimize their gym businesses and lives.

In fact, it's getting our gym to full capacity, hiring as awesome team and bringing back the joy in gym ownership over the last couple years that's compelled me to start the #gymhacker movement.

Our work is our life.

That’s what we choose; it’s purposefully how we’ve rigged our business.

You may be here simply out of curiosity (hey!).

Or you may be here out of need (great; maybe we’ve got something that’s perfect for you).

Or get in touch with us directly, and let’s get a discussion going about helping you solve what you need solving.


"Coach Will" Hurst

Head #Gymhacker