#Gymhacking the Prospect Journey: Part 1

I built a $600,000 a year brick+mortar microgym with 350+ members WITHOUT any follow-up sequences.


The most successful businesses have carefully crafted email/text/messenger nurture sequences for leads that don’t buy right away to turn them into customers at a later date.

I didn’t.

At the beginning of this year I decided to change that.

I began working on it at the beginning of this year.

My conflict has been taking the time to build out a lengthy campaign that keeps them hooked and keeps building on the story making THEM the hero.

It’s tough because it doesn’t make me sales RIGHT NOW.

And I am very impatient. I want to spend money on FB ads and have conversions within 2-3 days.

So I’d rather focus on SELL, SELL, SELL.

Problem is I’ve been doing that for YEARS. And when we run campaigns I’ll drive 300 leads in 2 WEEKS.

Me and my appt setter are legit working 70 hours a week on just that alone.

I’ll be at the gym from 8am until 7:30pm 5 days a week during campaigns.

Just to get 30 or so of them to convert.

All I do for my business these days is sell. It’s the last job I have to fill and for right now I do it.

Because I’m really good at it.


What about the 270 leads that I don’t sell on my challenge (or other front-end offer)?

What do I do with them?

I paid for those leads….

I paid a LOT…. $4-$5 a piece (if I’m lucky) and over $160 a day in total.

Even though I turned that ad spend in to a 7-10x front end return, I am BURNT out by the end of the campaign.

Plus…. that’s a lot of money and a lot of time I won’t get back.

And I don’t want to do it forever.

The solution???

The other leads may not be buyers right now, but that doesn’t mean that can’t be.

In fact, a good percentage of them are probably the type that would LOVE my gym.

I’ve already paid for the leads. And they’re still relatively warm.

They legit clicked on my ad about fitness and took the time to fill out my funnel.

So I already pay for email automation software w/ actionetics (and mailchimp).

I figured why not do the work to build out a full campaign based on the teachings of NINE FIGURE (and larger) business strategies.

The fundamentals, the tactics, all of it.

It’s been a ton work. I have spent probably 100+ hours this year so far learning and practicing my customers hero’s journey.

I didn’t just want to slap something together.

I wanted something that will work forever.

So I read several books including Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller and Joseph Campbells Hero’s Journey.

And I’ve also studied the email of some of the biggest influencers who sell $10,000 courses and run 9 figure businesses.

Stuff by Seth Godin, Stephen LarsenRussell Brunson, Donald Miller, etc. etc.

I even took some of their courses.

The best ones all follow the same 3 act journey that makes the reader the Hero.

Not YOU. Not your gym (or business).

It’s not….
“we have the best this and that”
“we have the best coaching”
“I have the most certification”
“our diet is the greatest”
“our community is the best”

Sorry but none of that works! EVERY ONE of your competitors are saying the SAME THING.

The winners make the PROSPECT the hero. It delivers a clearer mission in your marketing and it empowers them to take action.

Anyways. I’ve busted my butt on it but I’m loving it.

Just rolled it out a couple days ago and while it’s a small sample size, we are getting 25% CTR (click through rate) on the first email.

That’s 5x over what’s considered good for email CTR.

Keep in mind, this is email.

This sequence does 2-3x better via text and facebook messenger…

…and it’s all automatic!

Everyone I’ve shared it with is like WOAH. They want to keep reading.

Heck, my admin girl said “damn, this made me realize I’m not reaching my full potential here in the gym”.

We are talking about a daily delivered deep-dive, story-telling campaign that makes your prospect the HERO.

It follows the Hero’s journey in a three act sequence.

It nurtures and converts for businesses 10x the size of ours.

Excited to see this thing turn garbage into gold.

…AND for little to NO COST. Because I’ve already paid for the leads and software.

(They were just sitting there)

It’s time to start thinking about this…

Have a plan for converting leads over the long term.

Just like the bursting of the dot com bubble back in 2000-2002. And then the financial meltdown in 2008.

The “Blindly running facebook ads” or “Giving away free classes” bubble has a puncture, and it’s hemorrhaging air.

Ad costs go up every year significantly.

And all your competitors are offering the same free trials, leading with the same message of:

  • we have the best program
  • we have the best coaches
  • we have the best community

Presenting your gym to the world that way is no longer working…

Change is afoot. And it’s coming whether you agree with me or not.



  1. Many gym owners hate giving stuff away to draw people in, but can’t stop. It’s like crack cocaine.
  2. We are hardwired to want speed and efficiency, and giving away our most coveted asset (our services) give us that. Yet speed and efficiency are rarely in the best interest for the people we serve or the long term of our gym. We simply can’t run them forever.
  3. I’m not passing moral judgment on any gym model, but you can’t escape the long-term consequences of positioning yourself as a commodity-based business. Free offers and telling the world you’re a better version of the same thing can work in short spurt but should not be the lifeblood of your gym. Those decisions have consequences.
  4. Things are changing. The market dynamics are shifting and evolving. Change is the law of life.


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