#Gymhacking The Prospects Journey: Part 3 of 5

Part 3: Strategy of Preeminence

So it’s a targeted sequence, each message builds on the step before.  It follows a well crafted narrative that makes THEM the hero of the journey, not you.

What it does is extend and guide them through the buyer’s journey.

The idea is that they get added to this campaign when they opt in on your initial front end offer.

This will work along side your initial offer to maximize its potential and then nurture them into the next phase of the lead cycle or “buyers journey”.

(Continued expanding and educating on this…)

Makes sense since only 1-3% of your audience is ready to buy now….

…the next 7% of leads at any given time are ready to buy only if you can give them a REALLY good reason to spend their money with you

instead of starbucks, or their wardrobe, or another night out of drinking.

The next 30% will buy within a month if guided from the consideration phase to decision phase of the journey.

This is where you come in is as the guide. Every hero needs a guide.

Like Yoda was Luke’s guide when he was learning how to harness the “force” in Star Wars…

Like when Neo met Morpheus and takes the Red Pill in The Matrix…

Like when Gandolf introduces Frodo to the Fellowship of the Ring in the Harry Potter series…

The hero is on his own and didn’t know his true potential until he meets the guide…

What this does is allow you to deliver a LOT more value and position you or your team as the guide, the expert and the utmost authority.

Because that’s your TRUE calling anyways, right?

To serve and create more weirdos like you!

With this structure you don’t have to hard pitch them everyday and eventually get unsubscribed.

Instead, what will happen is they get hooked and will read to the bottom EVERY TIME.

They will want to hear the next phase of the story.

Either that or they will get super pumped and set an appt to meet you the next day.

It can be to resell them on the initial offer or to hit them with your ongoing or evergreen offer.

Either way, it should be a mid to higher end offering.

Because going cheap here will devalue the entire series.

They’ll be ready to bet big on you because of the positioning you’ve created….

… They’re emotionally invested, they trust you, they’re now a dream client/member who will tell everyone about your gym.

It’s not how you see almost every other gym and fitness studio pushing for a fast sale like a second-hand car salesman:

This was all because of how you engineer message and the follow-up series.

It’s does all the heavy lifting.

It allowed THEM to make the AHA shifts on their own, in their own mind’s eye.

And that’s what good marketing is engineered to do on a strategic meta level, when built the right way it make selling superfluous.

This unorthodox strategy moves the right (best) people, your DREAM MEMBERSTOWARDS you…

… and filters *everyone* else out.

(more about this on the next page…).



  1. Challenges and Crazy Low Barrier Offers used to work great, but now not so much. It’s harder and more risky to rely on today.
  2. The infrastructure needed to pull off a successful challenge has grown bigger and more complex.
  3. But there is another way, a way that puts the customer (visitor) FIRST, instead of looking at prospects as a commodity and means to drive cash.
  4. There is an order of magnitude difference between persuasion and influence:


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