#Gymhacking the Prospect Journey: Part 4 of 5

Part 4: The Solution

Let me introduce you to what I call The BLG #Gymhacker Strategy.

The BLG #Gymhacker Strategy is the strategic methodology of creating influence and impact on your potential dream members through clear, unique marketing message.

Here’s a 30K foot view visualization of The BLG #Gymhacker Strategy:

The beauty of this is that you only get the best possible most hyper-targeted and dedicated people in your gym.

Even better- it guides them through the journey of seeing your gym, curiosity about your gym, and them taking action to get involved.

There’s something magical that happens when we build systems that filter out people who don’t match our ideal customer profile, and at the same time, works to PULL our best people TOWARDS us and over the line.

Did you notice the distinction?

No bullying. No coercing. No armwrestling.

Instead of “bribing” people to get into your gym with an offer that doesn’t fit your model, the entire sales process is flipped on its head.

The process doesn’t START with a bribe. You don’t need to after they’ve learn to trust you as their guide on the journey.

And when we target people like this, treat them like humans and with respect and empathy, magic always happens.

Okay, let’s move to the final page. It’s a very important page to explain how very counterintuitively this is to what almost everyone else teaches. {grin}



  1. Challenges and Crazy Low Barrier Offers used to work great and still can. But without the best systems behind it it is harder and more risky to rely on today.
  2. The infrastructure needed to pull off a successful challenge has grown bigger and more complex.
  3. But there is another way, a way that puts the customer (visitor) FIRST, instead of looking at prospects as a commodity and a means to drive cash.
  4. There is a strategy that can multiply your effort that leads your prospective dream members through the journey automatically without having to hire 3 people.
  5. This strategy allows you to market without paid ads or gets 7 to 10 dollars return for every dollar spent on paid ads.

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