We Are Gym Owners. (Manifesto)

Who are “gym owners?”

GYM OWNERS ARE life changers, coaches, fitness fanatics, athletes, business builders, community leaders; anyone who is drawn to coach for the betterment or enjoyment of others, and does it ahead of profit.

… basically, anyone who chooses to earn an independent living by:

  1. creating a fitness experience they’re proud of,
  2. and that experience matters to the people they serve.

An experience that makes a difference to your market.

Because you give them something they need.

Work they value enough to pay for, and love enough to tell others about.

The gym owner believes that your members aren’t there to serve you.

You serve FIRST.

Gym owners create customer-funded businesses, where 100% of your revenue comes from your members and clients; your True Fans.

It’s a simple win win dynamic:

  1. Serve your people first,
  2. make a living as a result.

This dynamic means you are completely aligned with the needs of your members. Because the people you are serving are also the people who are giving you money for the experience and community you’ve forged. And they are giving you money because they are getting something they NEED and WANT in return.

From top to bottom:

  1. Attract and create a Pocket of People (POP) who will enroll in the journey (who care about making change),
  2. Create an amazing fitness experience you’re proud of, an experience that fulfills a real problem for the people you seek to serve,
  3. MAKE HAPPY MEMBERS. Create a “True Fans Factory.” Matter to them. Serve them as if they were the only people left on earth.


“The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” — Peter Drucker

… but we believe “HAPPY” needs to be part of that assertion. To create HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

No. 3 is the driving force of GYM OWNERS.

People like us.

Most fitness entrepreneurs are so busy yelling about their equipment, certifications and program, so busy puffing themselves up as the hero, that they fail to realize that the most powerful option is to lead with your member as the hero of the journey.

Gym Owners are driven by a higher purpose that transcends the get fit quick, fad diet marketing based world we live in today.

A world powered by a greedy money-first or vanity mentality where the goal is to get showcased on magazine covers.

Commoditized fitness programs with the only motivation being to flood gyms with people who are NOT your true fans.

To create the next “unicorn” fitness modality with the goal to grow wide (instead of vertically) and cash in. Then do it all again, like a notch on the bedpost.

A world where crushing the competition is seen as a badge of honor.

A world powered by “Buzz Word Fitness”…

…and Instagram highlight reels

…and paid influencers peddling products and programs for profit

…and so much noise the average person doesn’t know where to start.

…So the behavior of every man, woman and child trying to get fitter — is unpredictable and frustrating.

… NOT (primarily) so their needs can be better met. But so they can be another number, where useless products and programs can be sold to them for profit; crappy products and training that anyone with a bankroll can sell if they get the right model with a big booty to promote on the ‘gram.

That’s not us.

We don’t seek big. We seek small; tiny even.

We seek to make a tiny little dent in the universe.

A dent motivated by serving and mattering and creating an impact to the few, in some beautiful and meaningful way.

We’re proud Gym Owners.

We choose to never be beholden to shareholders or investors, only to our members, our true fans who love the experience we’ve created.

In 2018, after being a full-time gym-owner for the past 8 years, we decided our mission was to serve and educate gym-owners like us.

OUR MISSION: We serve those who serve others. We help gym-owners bridge the gap between creating an amazing fitness experience they’re proud of, and earning an independent living by mattering to the community they serve.

As Gym Owners, we lead with CARE.

We aim to create, replicate and provide the same fitness experience that rocked our world. We know that if we can show our members how fitness combined with amazing community, coaching and programming  it will fulfill so much more than their fitness needs.

It’s not just another recurring gym membership where members gain access to a sea of equipment.

As gym owners, we create an experience made with love that people care about being a part of.

An experience our weird people love so much that they tell others about.

True gym owners choose not to be in the fitness commodity business.

God knows the world doesn’t need yet another mediocre commoditized gym for the attention-deprived mass-market of “get fit quick zombies.”

We’re not in the unicorn creation business. Building “unicorns” isn’t a business model. It’s not repeatable, otherwise every company would be one.

We’re in the tiny gym business, business.

We’re in the human-to-human business (H2H) of serving and mattering to the tiny.

The few.

Other weird people like us.

As Seth Godin says, “people like us do stuff like this.”


It turns out we don’t need everyone (shocker!).

We don’t even need a lot of people (what, seriously?).

We just need tiny few (honest!).

The smallest engaged group of hard workers.

few people who care.

few people who will enroll in the journey.

Who care about a human-to-human connection in the gym. Where people like us do things like this.

Fortunately, there are people in the world who care enough to be meaningful and specific and focused, as opposed to simply chasing MORE.

As gym owners, we serve the weird pockets of people who care about being weird and making real change. Not just in the gym, but in LIFE.

Who care about leveling the fuck up.

People who care about the experience and building up others around them.

Kicking more ass. Or more booty.

Or more anything.

Because it matters to them.

We are gym owners who serve gym owners like you.

We are gym owners who serve the weird few (you’re “weird” right?).

We’ve been earning a full-time independent living as gym owners since 2011 (8 years and counting).

Just like you, we’ve also chosen to keep our company intentionally small, because we believe small is a key to serving and mattering in a world of noise and distractions.

We’ve prob’ly made most mistakes in the book. We’ve learnt from our failures, and we’re better for it.

We’re better for it because, most importantly, it has allowed us to become world-class at serving our audience of weirdos.

If you have a pull and desire to be a gym owner (either full-time or as a side business), that serves first, and as a result, earn an independent living doing what you love serving a community, then we think you’ll love what we have for you here at BLG.

We create best-in-class marketing training and education to serve our weird gym owners and change makers whose values overlap with ours.

We help gym owners like you find your wierdos. So that you can better serve your audiences and tribes and members.

We help gym owners bridge the gap between creating meaningful work and making money to support themselves and their family.

If this resonates with you, stick around.

We’ll help you kick more ass. We’ll help you be the hero to the people you seek to serve.

So glad you’ve stopped by. It means the world.

Look around our blog. See if what we have is for you. Reach out and say “Hey!” anytime. We read all our emails (shocker, I know!).

If you are enrolled in the journey, and care about making change, we’re here to serve you. Welcome to our tiny little world.

Will Hurst

Owners at Spark

CrossFit Affiliate Owners

CF Level 2 Coach

USAW Sport Performance

Precision Nutrition Coach

Lifetime Marketing Nerd


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