How The Owner Of CrossFit Diehard Went From Almost Going Out of Business to Personal Record $40k Months

Interview With Veteran CrossFit Gym Owner Barry “Boz” Boswell and BLG Head of Customer Success Alexis McQuillen

Here’s what we cover:

1. Where Boz was before joining Consulting Accelerator.

2. How Boz discovered through taking action, which marketing methods were best for him

3. The unique method Boz used for attracting new membership in his area

4. Who he helps and how he gets them in the door

5. Insights into Boz’s customer-centric focus and how he has iterated his offering over time.

6. Boz’s future plans bettering his offerings and leveling himself up

Boz’s #1 piece of advice for gym owners:

Just f**king do it.


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