This letter is a response letter we ourselves have used with a high degree of effectiveness in response to holds and membership cancellation requests during the Covid-19 scare.

I want to make sure I give credit to Jason Khalipa and the NCfit team as we modeled most of it off of his shared template in the first couple lines and then we added on a few things we felt was missing for our gym in particular. Below is that email passage.

Feel free to borrow, copy or model this as much as you want and of course let us know whats been working for your gym in regards to supporting and keeping your members engaged.

Hey {name},

I hope this message finds you well during this fluid time of uncertainty as it pertains to the news that is going around.

I want to express my gratitude for you being a part of the Spark Family and putting your trust in us to support your fitness journey.

I was sent your request from our billing team and wanted to follow up.

I see that you have request to put your membership on hold. Your comfort and safety is our highest priority and I understand and respect your decision to take advantage of our hold program.

With that said, we are a small business that is in no way immune to the economic impact of COVID-19.

We are fully committed to supporting our staff and members and will make any and all accommodations we are able to.

However, given the uncertainty of the situation, I would truly appreciate if you can continue to put your trust in us and delaying your membership hold.

This will provide us additional support during this critical time to make sure we can support our staff and cover our overheads as we still have overheads including rents and utilities that we are still obligated to pay.

I suppose that the best way for us to put this is to hope our patrons understand that if enough are to place holds and cancellation during this time it may result in there no longer being a gym to come back to. It can also result in lay-offs or or cuts in our staffs wages.

What we are doing to ensure that your value is being received in exchange for continuing to support your local gym is providing at home workouts as well a strong community in the Spark Members Facebook group. (Link here)

For those who still would like to attend the gym we have completely restructured our classes and programming to minimize exposure. You can see our game plan at this link here: (link to blog post)

While the illness might just feel like the perfect justification to put working out off for the time we caution against this as your health and wellbeing may never be of more importance.

So before we process this request we would love for you to also review the above information and reaffirm your decision as it affects many people including the other members, the staff and the greater community who has come to rely on Spark CrossFit as a support system and social outlet for those who hold their health and fitness in high regard.

This too shall past and it’s important to work together in these times to support each other. 

Yours in fitness,
{your name}

P.S. Feel free reach out to myself or any my staff directly in this time of need for any reason. We are here for you!

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