Make $7 for every $1 You Spend On Your Gyms Marketing And Beat Real Estate and The Stock Market

You can use your gym to get better returns that the stock market and real estate. With the right offer and the right marketing, you can bring your cost per lead down while bringing the strength of your offer up and make great profits. Gyms, when run well, with great marketing, and a strong offer can yield incredible returns month over month for the ownership. Here is how.

Getting A Big Return On Your Ads Is As Simple As:

  1. A low cost per acquisition (cost per lead x number of leads it takes to close a deal)
  2. A strong offer that you can sell for high ticket prices
how to get a low cost per acquisition to more new members

How To Get A Crazy Low Cost Per Acquisition On New Gym Members

In order to get a low CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) you need two things: Great ads that convert leads at a low price and a great conversation rate when selling.

You can bring your cost per lead down by optimizing your ad campaigns and offer.

You can bring your conversion rate up by optimizing your sales process.

The key is to track your numbers so that you know what’s working and what’s not. You cost per acquisition is super simple of math, it’s simply how much it costs you to get a lead multiplied by the number of leads it takes you to acquire a member.

With paid ads, for example, your cost per lead might be $10, and you may need to work 5 of those leads to get one to show up and sign up. That’s $10 cost per lead multiplied by the 5 leads, your cost per lead equals $50 in this scenario.

If it costs you $50 to acquire a new member and you sell them a $350 front-end offer, then you have an effective return on ad spend of 700% or 7x.

how to build a strong offer to acquire more gym members

How To Assemble A Strong Offer To Acquire More Gym Members

For the offer to be strong it needs to reflect more value than the buyer perceives. For example, if you’re selling a $350 kickstart bundling a group class membership, an on-ramp package, and nutrition guidance can easily present far more value on the open market.

We used to sell 30 new members a month a package like this by bundling our group class membership, with a 3-session semi-private on-ramp, and a nutrition plan from Erin’s Atomic Nutrition System. It was an easy sale at $347 and it was easy to fulfill.

This offer allowed us to pay our staff really well, overdeliver for our new members, and make a great profit. And because it was not sold as a challenge, we kept about 90% of these clients for at least 18 months on average. We’ve since seen 100’s of gyms run the same offer and get similar results.

(In our experience challenges often had much higher costs per acquisition, higher churn rates, and are way more work.)

The bottom line is that if you want to make money in the gym business, you need to have a strong offer and be able to market it effectively. If you can do those two things, you’ll be well on your way to making more money than you ever thought possible.

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