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If we aren’t careful, we can easily find ourselves in a trap of making emotional decisions which result in more chaos and more problems than actual solutions.

How many times have you been triggered by a competitor and wasted a bunch of time changing things, not knowing if it even works?

How many times did you see someone else doing something you thought was cool, but ended up being an enormous waste of time.

This is all emotional and mood based behavior. For most, business and emotions don’t mix.

We know that people don’t have business problems, they have personal problems that manifest in their business.

The way you keep this from happening is you build system with if/then logic. You use cause and effect thinking and objective measurements.

This keeps you from getting triggered by what competitors do or even your own state of mind.

It is these 5 core functions that you should be keep a scorecard on at all times. Its how you make decisions objectively and gain confidence in your decisions.

You do this, you make better decisions, and as a results you find success faster with less bumps in the road. Make sense? Good.

We hope you find it both education and entertaining,

Will Hurst & The Big Little Gyms Team

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