Learn to let go of what you cannot control and instead focus on what you can.

In times of turmoil we get stuck in reactive patterns as things happen “to” us.

It’s important to gain awareness for this and get proactive by controlling the things you can.

There is always something actionable you can take control and affect the outcome of. It might just not be the thing you are stressing on.

It is your job as the leader of a community to identify those things and lead your community from a place of “us” or ‘we”, and establish what the expectation is as a member of your community.

This includes not playing the victim and reacting to the consequences by standing by or deciding to do nothing at all.

Tell your members where things are at and share your game plan openly. Not in a negative, sad, reactive way. But in a positive, mission based way.

Their is enough negativity, so aim to be a beacon and guiding light. Keep them focused and remind them that this is not just a gym membership but something bigger.

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