This is a game changing  perspective shift on how a gym can fulfill on principles that will make and keep it successful in any market. Becoming a “Purpose Driven Gym” will allow you to fulfill and compete on more than just fitness.

As we read this book, The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren, we realized that the principles upon which a successful church is founded are the same business principles that a gym can and should apply to be successful and grow a successful following and paying membership base that stays forever and tells everyone.

Churches are also local business that depend on a following that pulls from within a 5-10 mile radius like most gyms. What’s even more interesting is church’s actually give their core product away for FREE and really 100% on back-end profits to become successful.

No other business in the world has been as successful for the as long as the church has, and that’s because it fulfills on needs that people require to stay balanced. These concepts apply and religion just happens to be the medium upon which it is provided.

Show Notes:

  • Warmer through fellowship – community & belonging
    • The #1 need for humans is a feeling like they belong to something
    • Question: What are we doing to build community?
  • Deeper through discipleship – education, our belief, create raving fans
    • Ambassadors – representatives of a higher power = coaches
    • Coaches are ambassadors, that means everywhere they go they are disciples of your gym.
    • Don’t ignore people, who here has been in a group conversation and you’re the one feeling like they’re getting ignored? How’s that feel? It’s prob one of the worst feelings in the world. So ask yourself when coaching if anybody might be feeling that way in your class.
    • 5 things to remember to give you confidence: – they have the same longings that you do. Something is missing. –
    • do members know what your mission is?
    • teach them something, don’t take the them fishing, teach them how to fish!
    • Questions: What are we doing to teach them how to fish?
  • Stronger through worship – belief, part of the movement, being present and supporting the cause
    • are they attending and showing up
    • are they connected to the cause, movement and the mission
    • what we stand for
      • our staff, our team our methods, the ownership
    • Question: What do we stand for, what’s our mission?
  • Broader through ministry, and service – solve a real problem (recognize leaders)
    • mobilize people around the mission
    • promote enthusiasm, teamwork and winning
    • recognize people, identify key players and give them recognition
    • Question: what are we doing to recognize people and each other?
  • Larger through evangelism –
    • religious, cult like belief in the movement
    • preaching the gospel what we stand for
    • Question: What’s the experience our members are having? Is it worth sharing?
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