The #1 problem business owners make when deciding what to sell is building something no one wants.

Building something nobody wants is the number one reason for new business failure.

But even if you do build something that customers want, you can still fail to build an appropriate business model around it.

So before you begin executing on that “next big thing” you need to test your ideas to be sure you’ve achieved the proper fit with the market and for your company.

This occurs when you have evidence that customers care about certain problem enough to want to fix it. At this stage you’ve proved the existence of a problem and have designed a value proposition that addresses your customers’ pains and gains.

Unfortunately you still do not have clear evidence that your customer really care enough about your value proposition enough to buy it.

This is why you need to demo & sell before you build. This what is called finding the “problem-solution fit”.

Achieving these three types of fit requires you to go back and forth between your original idea and the outside world, getting out of the building all along the way to directly test and experiment with customers.

In our Foundations Program, we created and compiled a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to help you navigate through the messy, iterative offer design process for your fitness business effectively, fast and cheaply.


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