The Blue Ocean Strategy for Gyms

The Blue Ocean strategy is a concept the presents a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant and outlines principles and tools any organization can use to create and capture their own blue oceans. These days with competition on the rise in the small, group fitness gym industry there is so much noise that it’s confusing to potential customers. With so many styles of training, so much conflicting advice and so many unclear marketing messages the average person does not know the difference between good, better or best. Simply put, the group fitness training and microgym marketplace has become a bloody, murky, red ocean full of sharks. Many will look at that as a bad thing. They’ll call it saturated but a red ocean strategy actually looks at the red ocean as an opportunity. A red ocean is evident when there are even C-level influencers getting traction. This is a tell-tale sign that there is opportunity for a blue ocean to be created. In today’s age of social media, influencers of almost ALL level are getting traction. The way you can tell if your gym business is at risk of becoming commoditized in the red ocean is if you were to position yourself in the marketplace in one of the two following ways…  
  • Your gym is a “Me Too” business – This is leading with a message of “I am the same as everybody else”. It’s when the prospect can’t tell the difference between you and your competitors if I put you next to each other.


  • If your gym is a “Me Better” business – if you positioned yourself as saying you are better than the competitor at the same service. It’s saying “we do that, but better.”
The goal of a business following a blue ocean strategy is to position yourself NOT as the same thing, and NOT a better version of the same thing… …but as an entirely new opportunity in the marketplace altogether.
  • Position yourself as “Me Only” business – the only person or gym in your market who does what you do.

Now, even if you don’t have the money or space to really differentiate yourself in regards to branding, equipment or services it does not matter…

…as long as the message you lead with is perceived as new and different than it will gain the curiosity of the prospect.

As long as it is perceived as a new opportunity the prospect that’s all that matters.

Because perception is reality.

This is how brands like Apple and Tesla can continually maintain market-share while competitors are rolling out superior or equal-quality products.

It’s not about the product, it’s about it making logical sense to the buyer to invest their money with your “new opportunity”….

…instead of the same, boring thing everyone else is offering.

As long as you intend to provide an experience that is unmatched then you should confidently lead with this position.

One very effective way you can do this is how you handle your consults.

While most gyms try to position themselves as “better” by giving away free intro sessions…

…you can switch gears and create scarcity and the feeling of a unique opportunity by saying all new prospects MUST attend a no-sweat intro to make sure the program is a good fit for them and that THEY are a good fit for your community.

Because YOU have a unique opportunity for them and you only welcome committed individuals who are ready to do the work and support other like-minded individuals who are on their journey.

At your no-sweat consults it very important it be a guided presentation that make it abundantly clear the unique opportunity they have in front of them…

…and to also build up the tremendous value your gym offers.

Since all the gyms in the red ocean are not doing this, it’s an easy way to standout from the get go.

Your guided presentation should include a setup where you get them talking about their goals and what they are trying to achieve.

Next, you’ll build value by showing them how easy you make it to have success.

At this point, you can also share with them the features and benefits of your various programs.

You’ll also want to have them select a few class times from your schedule so you can remove the objection of not knowing if it will work best with their schedule.

After that, the most critical step is having them affirm they are ready to put all potential objections behind them on a quick questionnaire…

…this will to show your prospect that its okay to join and that they should – that you expect them too.

You will give them more confidence/comfort in joining.

That they are ready to finally end the search and moved forward on THEIR JOURNEY TODAY.

Structuring this the right way will increase your close rate significantly and also position your gym as a VERY good investment of their hard earned dollars.

Since how you bring members in has everything to do with how they’re introduced to your business…

…this initial meeting determines whether or not they feel compelled to jump when you offer them other opportunities to invest in their fitness.

Like revenue boosting add-on programs and supplement sales.

In short, they tend to spend more money with you and participate more often.

You’ll also find that members that go through this process stay longer, leave amazing reviews and refer more friends.

So… let’s do a quick review of how to create a blue ocean for your gym:

  1. Position yourself as a new opportunity, not another one of the same thing or a better version of the same thing.
  2. Create some barriers to entry by requiring potential members to schedule a consult before being allowed to attend classes.
  3. An initial consult that guides the prospect on their journey to confidently invest in achieving their fitness goals at with your team and community.

A great way to lead an amazing consult is to get our FREE Ultimate No-Sweat Intro guide.

This is the exact script we use to close more than 80% of new member consults…

…and that is with them coming in with no concept of price (we don’t advertise pricing).


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