What would happen to your business, family, community and employees if something happened to you today?

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Will – Hey guys, good morning. It’s Coach Will. Today I want to talk about what would happen if you’ve ever asked yourself, what would happen if something happened to you today? Like what would happen to your business, right? What would happen to your family? What would happen to the income your family gets from your business, what would happen to your employees and the people that rely on you for an income? What would happen to your community, people that rely on you, for the social circle and to get those healthy brain chemicals that they get for your social circle in your community, in your gym and all the benefits that you provide? What would happen to that? If you ever sat and asked yourself that question, and yesterday, I actually recorded about an hour and a half long training that I’m going to actually put in our group for free, if you guys can have it that really expands on this whole thing and how to make it, so this type of thing doesn’t happen.

 But, you know, I wanted to do kind of like, the quick short version this morning and talk about this because most business owners, they have it all up in their head. You have everything about how your business runs from top to bottom in your head and it’s not written down anywhere. It’s not putting it anywhere for anybody in case something would have happened with you or happen to you. And people don’t realize how many people rely on them and how much is caught up in their— and they don’t also realize how much mental energy…

 Say hi, Zoey. Zoey decided to make an appearance here, she’s hanging out in the backyard with me.

 If you don’t realize how much mental energy is spent by their brain subconsciously holding on to all that information, right? Like you might think, “Oh, I just know how to do it. I don’t need to write it down, I don’t need to have it”. Even if you’ll have an employee that’s doing it for you yet, you might be thinking, like, “I don’t have to write it down because I know how to do it” and you’re probably taking a lot of the steps for granted. There’s probably all these little tricks you have to do day-to-day in your business, to help it operate. You know, like maybe you have a gym management system in. It’s a little glitchy, but you know how to work with those glitches. So you never think about it, you are just going to do it and you don’t really write it down for anybody else. And don’t you ever like, unload those steps on your brain, right? Like you don’t realize it, but your brain spends enormous amount of energy holding onto information to be ready for recall on a regular basis and you don’t realize how much that might hold back you and your business, right? Like if you think about it, like, there’s all these little things that your brain is holding on to. All these random steps, and it might be from everything, from how you sell a new member, and how you do the sales process in your gym and how fluid that conversation is, you never sat down and systemized it. 

And that’s what really this video is all about, guys. It’s about systems thinking and starting to think in systems. Thinking about how a process is done, and breaking it down to system in creating a system around it, right? And you don’t create a system necessarily to handle and hand it off, right? So many people in business, they don’t really give systems any credit until they actually have them and they don’t often go and build systems until they actually need them. But they don’t realize, it’s like the reason why they’re holding their business back, is because the entire system for their business is locked up in their brain and it’s not even about like the fact that no one else can do it, and that is a big part of it, right? Like being able to delegate these stuffs, you first have to have them outlined for someone else to do, right? The worst way to train somebody is to throw them in and then micro-manage them every time they mess a step up. How much easier and how much less stressful would that be for that person, how much easier would it be for them to thrive in your business, if you had clearly outline steps A, B, C on a sheet of paper somewhere or you have a library of video somewhere that show you how you clean the bathroom every time? Because people know how to clean the bathroom, right guys? People can figure how software works. People can figure out how to enroll new members. People can figure out almost anything that you’re doing out, if they want to. That’s not what stresses people on. That’s not what sets people up for failure. What stresses people out and sets people up for  failure, is they don’t know the way you want it done, right? Like you have a way that you do it in your business. A process that you like and this is probably the same reason why you are struggling to relinquish it, is because you’re holding out of the statement, only you can do it. Because it’s all trapped up in your head. You haven’t really sat down and put the process and create a system out of it. If you just create an outline on how you do a certain thing, what happens is it relieves your brain of the mental energy it’s taking a whole under the steps in your brain and instead starts to think about, “Oh, I can actually hand these steps up to someone else. It’s actually not that complicated”. In your brain, it actually starts to think of the next logical step, which is to replace yourself, to delegate, or to automate it, right? You might be like it’s just not about delegating. You might also decide that you need to eliminate it. You might be like, “Oh, its actually like I’m doing this process and I’ve been doing for so long that I didn’t realized I don’t even have to do half of the stuff anymore because there’s a system for it that I can buy like some software or something that might be able to do something like lead gen, right?”. 

That’s an example of a system that we here at Big Little Gyms provide and like we do all of these lead gens stuff. It’s one of many systems we provide. It’s part of our thing. But we have in there like all the lead gen/lead nurture tools. So like when the lead comes in, you’re not having to, for example, if a  lead calls when you’re coaching a class, what happens? Right. Now you gotta remember to call that lead back or you missed a phone call and you gonna take your phone after the class you realized, you got four missed calls and you gotta call these people back and then no one answers, right. What if instead you systemize that process and when the call comes in while you’re coaching class, they get an, in the text message, message notifications back immediately that says, “Hey sorry, I’m coaching a class. I’m gonna get back to you as soon as I’m done coaching and in the meantime, can you text me what your questions are?” right. Like what if that just automatically happened using some technology, right? That’s something we can do, you can do that’s available to you. It’s like something you can do instead of having to load up your mental energy because we don’t realize there’s two things in life that are our finite and both kind of the same thing. So they are time and energy, right? Like you have essentially a certain amount of time that you’re allowed to live this life. As far as we know, I mean you could be in whatever fate you’re into. You can read all the books you want to. Say that maybe, there’s an afterlife in another life of reincarnation, whatever. And maybe it is, that’s essentially a different life or different phase of existence. It’s not the same thing that we’re doing right now and as far as we know, we only get to do this exact thing once in this exact form, right. So your time is limited, and is very, very valuable. And if your someone that is here to impact people on a major level, that’s when you need to spend your energy doing, right? Like not doing with these mundane tasks that can be delegated out, not using your energy, which is the other thing that is finite, to remember all this stupid stuff, guys. Why would you spend all your mental energy retaining all this information? Why not do it all out on a sheet of paper like take and divide all the tasks in your business, in the five categories: sales, marketing, operations, fulfillment and finance, and then take everything you do daily and build this thing on the fly. Like really as you’re doing your things daily like carry on a sheet of paper and a pen with you and write down the steps as you’re doing them, as if to create a library of all these things for two reasons: A, so you can  unload this mental energy that you’re spending thinking about these things and; 2, you can create a set of SOPs to hand off to someone else, right? Like, if you just document how you do something in the small nuances and how you do it, they could be as little as easy as what I’m doing right now with you guys. I can turn my camera on and put it in selfie mode and I can walk through cleaning the bathroom. If it’s a little new ones, thing about the bathrooms, the toilets are like leechy and are always breaking, you can put like, “Hey, here’s how you do this thing with the toilet”. That way, if someone else has to clean the bathroom or they just asked how you clean the bathroom, they can just follow the video, right? And then if someone keeps messing up, you could say, “Hey, why are you following the video?” Or if they keep asking you a question about how to clean the bathrooms, you say, “Go follow the video” right? Now your mental energy is spent just managing the system, not actually being the system, right? 

So something to think about here, guys in regards to the system, that’s really what my video today is all about. I hope that this thing sticks with you because really I mean, just what can drive you to do this thing is just think what would happen to this business. If something would happen to me today or tomorrow, right? And like it shouldn’t be for the reasons that something tragic would happen. Like what if you just needed some time away, man? Like what if you were having a mental health crisis and you were burned out in your business? Or what if you, you know, have a family? You decided like, “Hey, I think I’m ignoring my family for long enough and I want to spend some time with them for the next couple months and I really don’t want to pay attention to this business”. Like you as an entrepreneur/business owner earn the right to do that. If you’ve been on this for a while, if you get to the grind and you survive through these recent times, like you might have earned yourself a little bit of paid time off, little PTO, right? People who work for other people, get PTO. Entrepreneurs should get more of it, right? That’s why we sign up, for us to get more of it. Really that’s the idea, is that like you’re living a life of PTO, right? Like that should be what you’re doing. Like, when you do going to work, you enjoy it so much that you’re fulfilled by it. If you decide you don’t want to go into your business, you don’t have to. Like the business meeting needs you or wants you but it doesn’t have to have you, right? Like it doesn’t require you to operate. And really like, if you need to take time out, then the business should be able to thrive without you. Like, if you look at your business and like, “Hey, this business won’t run if something would  happen to me tomorrow. If I were to take off a couple weeks, things would probably fall apart, or I’d have to micromanage this business from afar on my phone. If that’s the case, you really don’t have a business. You really do not have a business. You have essentially a hobby or a side project and really only have a job either, right? So you’re unemployed and you have this like business, this project that’s more of a hustle and more of a, you know, you’re just trying to keep afloat, right? And these magical things that happen when you start to treat this project like an actual business and start to build systems around it. And it’s really hard to explain. I can break down all the logical ways, but all I can tell you is: like attracts like. When you treat a business like a business, the business starts to run like a business, the business starts to attract money like a business. That’s why you need to start thinking about these things, because like if a business just depends on you, then you really don’t have a business, you just have an extension of yourself and your business is gonna behave based on whatever you do, whatever attention, you pay it, right? Because the money goes with attention flows and if your attention is not really on this thing then, and if it all depends on you then sadly, you’re not gonna attract very much money and it’s going to cease to exist: all the people you employ and rely on a salary from you, and all the people that are relying on your community for their mental health and physical health because of their social system and their social circles all wrapped up in your business. All these people that you think you care so much about, like, you really not caring that much about him if this business all hinges upon your ability to retain all this information, right? You’re actually being pretty selfish. So, get out there and do these things, guys. 

If you need some help with it, need some guidance and want some coaching, you want some of these kinds of conversations and get your house in order about turning your business into being a self-employed mess to being an actual business owner, then go to biglittlegyms.com Literally like, it’s super easy to go there. You click the join the tribe button or whatever it is, takes you to form to fill that out. I ask you a few questions about your business so I can get to know you and you book a discovery call and we get on a chat and I’m the one who does the discovery call guys, because I care about you and your business. I don’t have some like, salesmen are going to talk to you. Maybe eventually one day, I’ll do that. But right now, I really like to meet every gym owner that comes on and get to know them. Because for me, it’s really important. Because I want to have a hand in your success. 

Alright guys, have a great day! Talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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