4 Steps to Freedom. Eliminate. Simplify. Automate. Delegate.

“Never automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated. Otherwise, you waste someone else’s time instead of your own, which now wastes your hard-earned cash. How’s that for incentive to be effective and efficient?”
-Tim Ferris


Working more does not result in more results. So, don’t trick yourself in to doing redundant, low value tasks so you can feel productive.


We all do it. We take two hours to sit there and organize and bill our members shirt-order 1-by-1 when this can easily be automated by connecting a Typeform to a Google Sheet that is already shared to your shirt printers Google Drive. (You could easily do the same thing with supplements or pre-orders for any type of retail item)


This is an example of an automation that costs virtually nothing and takes 5 minutes to setup once and allows you to organize and collect those orders while you focus on a higher value, higher return task you may have been putting off.


Focus on “effectiveness over efficiency.” It’s no good being efficient in tasks that are not effective in the results you desire.


Sit down with a sheet of paper and start listing of the repetitive, redundant tasks you do each week that eat up your hours.
The apply this process to each task to increase your performance.

Ask yourself the following four questions:

Question #1 – Eliminate

Does this task need to be done?
Does it help me get to where I want to go?
If yes, go to Q2.
If no – don’t do it!


Question #2 – Simplify

Can this task be simplified?
If yes, simplify it.
If no, go to Q3


Question #3 – Automate

Can this task be automated?
If yes, automate.
If no, go to Q4.


Question #4  – Delegate

Can this task be delegated?
If yes,delegate.
If no, identify what needs to happen in order to delegate it.

Things we know for sure that can automated or delegated or some combination of…

  • Marketing systems, lead nurture and follow up (though additional manual follow up will definitely pay dividends)
  • Member retention communications
  • Membership Billing
  • Organization of almost any list or data
  • Programming
  • Retail item billing
  • Member accountability systems
  • Member nutrition systems
  • Coaching

Things that a “CEO” should never delegate or automate…

  • Leadership
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Keeping a communication cadence amongst your team
  • Hiring of mid level roles below yourself within your business like admin, managers or head coaches
The type of salary your business will produce for you often times correlates with the role you assume within your business.


If you wear the admin and coaching hats too long and continue to fill the hours you have with redundant task you’ll continue to be the bottleneck of your business and the you’ll likely be limited to the pay those positions are worth, which the market has set at between $15-$25/hour in most markets.

Build a business that makes your competitors and area take notice

We have all been there, we understand what it is like to throw away money only to see no return. Whether you spend money on Facebook ad’s, Google, print or radio, how well do your effort convert prospects to new members? How do you really know?



(1) How many people visited your gyms various channels in the last 30 Days?
(2) How many new members did you acquire?
(3) How long do they stay members for on average?



These numbers tell us your conversion rate and client lifetime value, we use them to measure the success of your growth strategies. We have helped businesses just like yours to increase their conversion rate by helping them to clarify their growth strategy with plug-n-play tools through the Big Little Gyms Framework. We’d love to guide you with the BLG Fundamentals Framework Coaching Program

What can you expect in the BLG Fundamentals Intensive?

Finally get the support and accountability you deserve.
Simply tell your coach what you want to accomplish and they’ll create an action and mentoring plan to get you there. They’ll help you stay consistent and hold you to your commitment to do the work and build the systems your business needs no matter what life throws at you.


Actionable Next Steps and Plug-n-Play Systems.

“Enough theory! Just tell me how to do it already!” Let us give you the exact systems, automations and tools then integrate them into your gyms protocols. How about a hands-off, fully automated system complete with the exact ads that are tested and running along with a CRM and system that follows up with leads and gets No-Intro Bookings while you sleep?


Make progress even when life gets busy.

 No more treading water, and no more hacking other people’s stuff trying to find the magical combination of tools. Instead, we’ll give you the exact tools and best practices that will lead to BIG results. Where will your gym be a year from now? Let’s find out.


100% guaranteed – it works or it’s free.

Bring your commitment, work hard, and implement the systems. If after the intensive, you don’t get the results you want, we’ll refund every penny you invested in the program. No risk. No joke.


We absolutely love coaching clients who are ready, willing, and able to change. So we wanted to remove money as an obstacle for those who want coaching but can’t afford a higher price. With Beta Foundations, not only is it incredibly affordable but it WILL pay for itself within the first 3 weeks of going live guaranteed.


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 Until next time,
– The BLG Team

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