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Back when I was a novice I always thought finding the magical “system” would solve all my problems. Then I got overworked had a total breakDOWN and in rebuilding myself I had a breakTHROUGH.

I realized I had to stop chasing process and “systems”. People are who are perpetually successful in business are rarely ever a case of finding the magical system.


“Systems” is a buzzword getting thrown around a lot today in the gym owner sphere of influence. It makes you sound smart when you say “systems”. And there is this thought that by finding the right system you can just “install it”, otherwise change nothing, and all your problems are solved.

The issue is, systems are temporary and will need adjustment, and its the delay in recognizing when the time is right where you lose and miss opportunity.

That’s when many realize there is layers to this game.

Business disciplines, business principles, pattern recognition and self-awareness are often what the 99% who perpetually fail are missing. That’s what we are going to deep dive on today, what these things are and how to hone them.

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