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Does it make the boat go faster?

This is the question every gym owner should ask themselves everyday to ensure you aren’t just burning through your time doing things that don’t increase performance.

Most people think they’re hustling and grinding, but really they’re just grinding on $10 an hour tasks that should be delegated or automated.

While they’re important and need to be done, that doesn’t mean you need to be manually doing them or that they even need to be done at all.

No matter how hard you push on doing these redundant task it’ll rarely result in an increase to the businesses performance —

You’re NEVER going to make the boat go faster! You’re never going to win the race.

For you to have success and buy your freedom of time back you need to be making the boat go faster.

You have to get leaner, faster, lighter, stronger, more agile etc.

In this video I am going to guide you through identifying these obstacles and lay out the things that make the boat go faster so you can win!

Here’s what we cover:

  1. Seeing through the noise and catching yourself when you get caught up in “hustling” on things that should be automated or delegated because it FEELS like progress when it’s really not.
  2. Trivial things like replying to email, sales, following up, customer support, serving clients and accounting are important but none of them make the boat go faster.
  3. If you’re not progressing, you’re maintaining — and maintenance doesn’t mean you’re safe. It’s actually how you get taken out silently in the night. You’re a sitting duck.
  4. A few examples in my own gym and other gyms we’ve had a hand in operating that are “maintenance tasks” and “boat accelerating tasks”.
  5. How to point all your energy into making the boat go faster by asking yourself these three questions: One. can it be eliminated? Two. Can it be automated? Three. Can it be delegated?
  6. Things you should focus on to become the apex predator in your radius and assassinate the competition in the night.

I do explain all of these in further detail in the video — feel free to watch it in full because theres a lot of gold nuggets you don’t want to miss!

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below?

To Your Success!

Will Hurst & the Big Little Gyms team

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