How Big Little Gyms Helps You Get More Members, Make Them More Valueable, And Keep Them Longer

Gym owners are busy people.

Getting up at 5am, coaching members, social media posting, mopping the gym floor, handling billing, admin tasks, etc., etc…

It is these things that bog down our time and keep us stuck.

We all know, as business owners, our time should be spent working on the business but with all these things that need to get done, it can be hard to make time.

As a result, we often don’t have the freedom we set out for when we started this. In fact, it may be quite the opposite.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most successful business owners and entreprenuers, somewhere on their journey meet a guide.

Someone who’s been there, done that, and can help you cut through the BS and get to where you want to be.

Every hero on a journey eventually meets a guide.

Yoda was Luke’s guide, showing him the ways of the Jedi.

Gandalf was Frodo’s guide, leading him through Middle Earth.

And Morpheus was Neo’s guide, teaching him about The Matrix.

In business, this guide comes in many forms. But it’s always someone with experience, deep knowledge, and the right tools.

Someone who has already been through what you are going through and can help you avoid the mistakes they made.

They can also show you shortcuts and give you advice that will save you time, money, and energy.

And in our case, also put in place specific, proven systems that create predictable and consistent results for your business and show you how to leverage them.

Because that’s what good business owners and investors do. They recognize high leverage opportunities, commit, and trust the process

If you’re stuck in your business and feeling bogged down by all the things you need to do, you need a guide.

The right guide will help you get unstuck and moving again.

They will help you see the possibilities for your business and what you can achieve.

My name is Will Hurst and in this video, I introduce to you my company, Big Little Gyms.

We take independently owned community-based brick-and-mortar gyms run by self-employed owners and turn them into real business owners.

We work with over 400 gyms globally and growing as well as some of my backstories in how we got here, as well as the mistakes we made along the way. Our experience helps us guide gym owners to automate, delegate, systemize, and scale their energy and distribute the workload it takes to grow this type of business.

The end goal is to show you how to get more members when you need them, increase the lifetime value of each member by offering the right stack of high-value services, and keep them longer through world-class fulfillment and retention strategies.


Big Little Gym’s mission is to make gym ownership fun again by helping owners automate, delegate, systemize, and scale their businesses while becoming better leaders. BLG is a program for gym owners that includes all the strategies, tools, and systems, for those that want excellence in business. It shows you how to scale your business to 7-figures+ using proven methods and hyper-systemization.

We would love to chat with you about your business goals and see how we can help you get there. Ready to take your gym business to the next level? Fill out the form below to get started on your journey with BLG.

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