How do you get things done when life is chaotic and nothing seem to be going your way?? This video explains how:


Oh it’s harder now? Is it hard? Poor baby, tell me about how tough the work is…

Oh, your Gym got shut down?… Good. You got time to work ON it.
Gym open back up with a bunch of rules?… Good. You get to innovate and figure it out.
Didn’t get catch a break from the government? Good… We can keep it simple.
Lost 40% of your members? Good… You get to rebuild with better members.
Lost coaches? Good… You can build a qualified team.
Thinking about re-branding? Good… you get to learn how to do this for real.

Keep telling me how hard it is. And I’ll keep telling you what you need to hear.

For YEARS, even with 400 members and $700k annual revenue, I said to myself “man, if I could do it all over again, I would do it differently“.

Now here we are. And guess what, it’s all happening FOR us. All those things we wish we could do different knowing what we know now? We get to do them.

You tell me it’s hard. I say… “good”.

To Your Success!

Will Hurst & the team at Big Little Gyms.

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