Thrival vs. Survival. Patience and downtime.

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In today’s episode, we are tackling “Thrival Vs. Survival”.

What’s the difference between these two?
Watch as I talk about how my business started and what things I did to make it successful. I’ll explain why getting burnt out and taking some rest is important, and some other valuable information that you need to know in order to take the first step to success.


Will Hurst & The Big Little Gyms Team

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Hey, guys! What is going on? It’s Coach Will and today, I just want to chat with you guys about what my intentions are for the next 30 days and what I plan to provide to you guys if you decide to tune in and watch a little bit, you know. 

I know you guys and your time is incredibly valuable, so you know. If you guys have noticed that all the last, like, six months, I haven’t published nearly as much as I used to. I used to get on Facebook Live, almost every day and have really good momentum going with that. And what it did is it worked. It helps grow my business, right? 

So, you know, I started Big Little Gyms like two, two and a half years ago, and what I started doing when I launched the business was I started publishing every single day. I started putting my expertise out there and telling you guys who I was and sharing with you guys my perspective and, you know, also giving you guys like tips and tricks and things that were working for me to help grow my business, my gym and I owned a gym at the time. So it was really really cool to kind of like sharing, behind the scenes, you know. And that’s what we did is that, when I started doing that, I definitely… 18 months straight, there was an expectation I would publish something every day. I woke up, I felt like I didn’t publish something, I felt like, like I’m not doing my job right or I’m falling behind or they’re gonna think I’m like not, you know, not real or not serious about this thing, right? Because, you know, it looks flighty. And then, you know, the thing is, it works. We got- it got me so busy. I got so busy with new clients like, Big Little Gyms grew. 

A lot of gym owners, you guys watching, started tuning in, and you were liking what I was saying. So you’re like, “Okay, cool!”. Like I would really, really be interested in working with you, people sort of raising their hands. This is something we tell gym owners themselves to do all the time: to tell you guys like, “Hey, get out there, put your face out there and be consistent about it because it works. It draws… draws people in towards you. Because people will not only learn what you share with them, the content, value that you share with them but they also learn, like, a little bit about you. They see the way that your brain thinks, they see the way that your eyes move and your hands move, and they see a lot of similarities in themselves. They start to realize like, “Oh, this person’s a lot more like myself than I thought”, right? And, like, I’m a pretty authentic person and I’m not someone who’s going to step here and throw a bunch of like, false scare sketches to get you guys and try to sell you stuff that you don’t need. I really only want to do things that are valuable for people and make sure that someone would invest a minute of their time or dollar of their money in it to me, that they get back a multiplier on that, right? It’s not addition, it’s multiplication. You want a multiplier back on the time and resource that we use to invest in the things that we need. So, and I- because I do that… I do that with the things that I invest my time and resources into, because I don’t want addition, I want multiplication. I want to multiply the output of the inputs that I made, right? That’s what I hope it does for you guys. 

So, you know, what I was sharing, and I’m at an event right now, guys. If you’re wondering what the background is and why I’m at the beach and why am I at this awesome beach house, it’s because I’m at an event right now where I’m in a room, sharing a room with like, 20 other business owners. So, I’m sitting in this room and we’re openly sharing and I’m really talking much about our business, some of our business tactics. Everybody in the room is a successful business owner, everybody has done seven figures or more of their business. So we’re all past that like, got to make money phase, right? Like, we’re past that like High P kind of phase of business and we’re established, we’re doing it like this is our livelihood, is our living. We don’t have to have jobs anymore. We just need to be good at this and like, to provide value to the people that pay us a paycheck, right? Like it pays you as you continue and multipliers back on your time and money. And so, you know, in sharing when it was my turn to share, I shared, you know, you know that like, I published for like, the first 18 months of the first two and a half years we did this and that. It worked so well that- that flywheel kept spinning and we kept getting people that were like, “Hey, I really want to work with you”. And then as a result, I couldn’t keep publishing because I got so busy with sales and fulfillment and it’s in thoughtlessly like I could say it’s an excuse that I didn’t keep publishing because it only takes 5 or 10 minutes for me to keep doing the thing that’s been working and I just didn’t do it. So I got to own and say that it really is a choice. I chose… I chose to not keep publishing and I got to be okay with that. I gotta own that, like, these are the seasons, right? That like, that if I burn out or something and I don’t want to do it anymore, but that’s okay. That like, and that, and one of the things I got from the group, that one of the other group members shared with me that I thought was really really incredibly valuable, that I really wanted to share with you guys today that just really blew my mind was that like all these really successful people, that all had success in their businesses and- and a lot of them are hyper-successful, you know, they have months and years that they take that they write off. That they, that if flat- things flatline, they’re okay with it, you know. Because they built a business that they can thrive so without them, or even if it doesn’t thrive, they’re okay, right? 

I’m entering a season of my life where my kids are gonna be two and four years old, and we’re talking about traveling this summer. We’re talking about taking, you know. Just bought a truck, just last week, I bought an awesome truck. Something I hadn’t really thought deserving of, even though I’ve worked hard and made the money I didn’t feel deserving of it, because I haven’t driven that nice vehicle in a long time. So having the realization like, “Hey, you’ve done well enough to afford this thing for yourself and owning it, and being okay with owning it”. And then, you know, what we’re gonna do next is go and buy a trailer, a travel trailer. 2430 foot travel trailer, and me and the family are going to probably take a couple months this summer, and we’re going to travel. And when I shared that with the group, they were like, “That’s phenomenal! If you need to do that even if you are broke by the end of the summer, like, that would be time you would never regret having with your kids, especially the age like two and four”. So I was like, you know, I got a little emotional. I was like, they’re right. You know, to me, like my parents couldn’t afford that for us and most people, most of my friends and family, they won’t afford that for their kids. So for me it was like, you know, I want to do- for me, I’m like, I’m not out to live an average life. I’m not out to just get by, I’m out to live an exceptional life and hopefully be someone that when people look like, “Oh that guy did it differently”, you know. That’s also what we want, like, for our clients, right? Like that would be like, there’s like nothing, you know. 

I’m a giver and a leader. So when you know, people come to us and they say, “I endorsed you”. They endorse you by investing in things that we do and I’ve been believers and also like sharing what we do with other people. It’s like, I want nothing more of them than to be even, have an ever greater multiplier of success with the time and money that they’ve invested in us, right? So like, I’m just like, over the moon when we get a client and I like it, I’m just like a family member, right, like I want them to have that too. I’m like, I really, really want you, when the summer comes if you and your family want to take off, you want to leave your gym behind for two, three months and you want to have a staff member run it because you got a three year old kid or a four year old kid and this part of their life is short, and they’re gonna start going to school soon, and you know get busy or soon like you guys will take that time for yourself and find a way to enjoy, enjoy it. And then be okay with the outcomes of what happens with your business, right? Hopefully, what you do in that meantime is you build in preparation for that. You build your business well enough to not have to worry about the sky falling. But it’s also a saying, if things would’ve, sky was the fall, that you’re okay with it. That you, no matter what happens next, are gonna be fine. You know, I mean that like honestly like that is a very freeing, freeing place to be. I’ll tell you that it wasn’t until I started thinking that way, my business actually followed success in it, you know, like being here at this event right now. 

We were so busy the last couple weeks leading up those events that I didn’t prepare my team at all. I didn’t tell my assistant, Alexis. I didn’t tell them, but like I didn’t instruct them on what to do, certain things happened, I completely dropped the ball. It was, you know, it just happened we’re busy, I was busy on calls, you know, trying to get anything done before the trip, busy trying to make sure things at home were tight. I didn’t tell my team. So I got, I landed here in Florida on Monday, and I called my assistant. I said I’m sorry but I need you to jump on one of our coaching calls on Monday. And she goes, “You know I got it, boss. Don’t worry about it like, we will handle it”, and I was incredibly grateful in that moment that we, you know, that’s that time and effort into her over time prior to be able to step up when need her, and she did a phenomenal job. And we’re grateful for that. But even if it wouldn’t worked out, you know like, to where she was capable or whatever, we would have been okay with it. Because here’s the thing is, you know, what your mindset is as such, you know, what ends up happening is you kind of tend to put the things in place as you go automatically. You don’t have to like, think so hard about it. 

So you know, that’s, you know, more or less like, I guess the main takeaway I want you guys to have and when I’ve been- when I had because a lot of this is like, you know, I want to give to you guys. Like, give value, whatever. But really, I’m just hoping to share it because, you know, one of the things that I want to do is set a tone to continue this for a little while, you know, I want to- I want to get back on the horse of publishing. Because what I don’t want is, I want to set an expectation with anybody who might launch or myself like, I have to do it every day. I don’t have to do this every day. You know, I mean that like, I can say for the next 30 days, I’d like to publish two or three times a week, and I’m gonna do my best to do that, you know. And there’s- there’s a minimum standard there but like, I don’t have to do everything. I want to be perfect, right? That’s a lot of, I realized, a lot of what I suffered from with my businesses, and when I realized that like, almost every gym owner suffers from. Because a lot of us are technical people. We’re not sales and marketing people, we’re more people that are on the technical side of a business like, we know our craft. We know it really, really well. Well, we love to serve people. So we want things to be perfect before we go and do something, before we go and grow our business, before we go to that next level. And I can tell you that like a, the perfectionist, honestly, like, unattainable, like no matter what, when you get to that place that you thought would feel perfect, you’re going to still feel very imperfect and you’re going to still shoot holes through it because that’s the nature of a person who is very technical and knows their craft really really well, is that they always believe they could be better. They’re playing a finite game, not an infinite game. But when I lose a play a finite game, I’m playing to keep playing the game, right? So I can tell you guys is that like, the main takeaway, I guess, my epiphany is that like, you know, whatever is next for you and your business, whether that be to take a step back and focus on personal life, or if it’s to, you know, abandon personal life for a little bit sacrifice personally. So, on the business side, you can thrive a little bit. Whatever that thing is, it’s not about survival. It’s about thrival. Okay, like, just, whatever that is, go all out in it. Don’t feel like you have to have permission to go do that first, you know. If it’s like, you know, for example, if you’re watching, as a prospective client of BLG and you’re considering us, you know, don’t wait for the time to be perfect. I will tell you that people do that all the time and they miss opportunities that are sitting right in front of them by just thinking, just thinking about being on- being on the fence. But you don’t get anywhere sitting on the top of the fence, either on one side of the fence or the other. Make a decision to move forward. Don’t regret it and then live in the moment. Once you make a decision. I’m like, doing what you need to do to have success on that side of the fence. 

Okay guys, that’s it. I hope, I really really hope that this was valuable for you guys because it was really really insightful for me to learn this year at this event and this has inspired me to get back and publish more frequently, be with you guys. Because I realize a lot of the clients we have inside of our programs, started watching me share this kind of stuff. They were watching me share the kind of stuff that was more heartfelt and more mindful than business tactics, right, and because here’s the thing: Business tactics are always gonna be secondary to your virtues and your principles. And I’ve changed, I’ve helped change more lives of business owners by rearranging the way they think about their business than I have by like showing them how to run Facebook ads, you know. Showing you how to run Facebook ads, part of the package is showing you how to properly set up your website for success, a part of it. Absolutely all those, all those tactics and strategies need to be built in, right? Because like in the day, like we can’t just be up in the sky, we got to get our hands dirty too. But if we don’t have that 10,000 foot view set, and we don’t have the right lens on, the right set of glasses on, then it doesn’t matter what happens at the base level because we’re just going to continue to cycle through those things and not really find any consistency in our- our success. And we’re also not going to do things like leave and go to the beach and your business continue to run because you didn’t set your business up from the higher level first. 

So that’s it, guys. I hope you guys have a wonderful day, wonderful week and I’ll be seeing you back on here, very very soon, probably for the next two or three days so please, stay tuned.


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