Why Your Facebook Ad Costs Keep Rising

It’s not uncommon for someone, after running ads for 12 months or more to see the costs begin to rise.

In some markets there is so much room to give that it isn’t much of a concern and just a couple years ago it was like that in all markets.

Naturally, as the available ad inventory gets bought up from your competitors in your market you can expect the costs to rise.

Facebook ads are a bidding system, as demand rises so does the cost and that is one of the key things happening…

BUT it is actually only a very small part of the reason why ad costs have risen.

Allow me to explain.

So, over the last 3-5 years it’s been easy pickens for the early adopters of Facebook ads. And we’ve seen empires built on the backs of it.

When you’re acquiring clients for $20 and charging them $500 on the front naturally you go all in. You’d be stupid not to.

But what would be stupid is that being the only egg in your basket and so many did exactly that.

They ignored doing what you’re supposed to, which is build a good strong base of unique, curated content for people to binge on when they find you WHILE you have paid traffic campaigns running.

See, untargeted Facebook Ads campaigns are what’s called “Cold Traffic”.

This is traffic that Facebook has deemed relevant to your ad but has NEVER heard of you.

The way it works is the Facebook tracking pixel is everywhere, on 98% of websites.

So when someone starts looking at weight loss recipes Facebook makes a note. When they go to another weight loss site they’ll make another note. When they start clicking on things FB will make a note they they’re taking action.

They now put that person in a bank of users suitable for ads that are relevant to someone looking for weight loss.

If your ad is about a 6 Week Transformation Challenge then guess what? Facebook is going to serve your ad to them.

And it works crazy good and that’s why everyone is doing it now.

So why would your traffic get worse and your costs rise?

Easy answers.

1. already mentioned – less inventory of ads

2. Already mentioned – ad fatigue

3. You are not giving the viewer or Facebook what it wants and your competition is. So Facebook gives them better access to the inventory of eyeballs.

Someone is getting cheap, good leads in your market. It just isn’t you.

Facebook wants to keep people on its platform. To do so it needs its user to give other users really good stuff to keep their attention.

If your content is redundant and not of any real practical value then people won’t watch it. And Facebook knows because they can see that people are only watching the first 5 seconds of your video and bailing.

If you publish good, usable content regularly then two things happen:

1. Facebook starts to serve that person your stuff at a much lower cost.

2. Facebook starts to profile people just like your avid viewers and serve them your ads too!

Because the ads a relevant in reality you get better conversions and more of them.

Not doing this is why ad costs rise.

Usually you can expect ads to run strong in perpetuity if you’re publishing organically consistently.

When ads have fallen off, its because they run the same ads to the same cold audience repeatedly.

When it stops working they start panicking and start trying to run every offer they can think of, only to get similar or worse results.

Why? Because you’ve fatigued your audience.

You see the billboard enough times you stop noticing it. Duh right?

Share your expertise regularly, work to make your greater community a better place and you’ll begin to get lots of new eyeballs and Facebook will naturally go and find more people like them when you pay them for traffic.

What should you do videos and write content about?

– Tell them exactly how to get the results they’re after. Tell them exactly how to do it in 5 step frameworks. Then do videos breaking each of those steps in to 5 more smaller steps. Easy way to create a ton of content here.

– Give all the tactical and strategic advice you want to charge for for free. A great way to think about it is “would my competition charge for this?”, if yes, then give it to them free in your videos.

– Show that you’re good at create structure and enforcing accountability. People want structure.

– Share your mission. Share why your business exists and the changes along the way to get there. People love watching ongoing shows!

– Share your Origin Story and your journey of how you became the person you are today. Show how you were once fat and out of shape too and then journey to a healthy lifestyle and becoming a professional life changer.

– Openly recognize member successes and achievements, share some backstory on their journey at your gym. Video Testimonials are awesome.

– The “4 P’s”, only one of them you’ll focus on “Payoff”, no one cares about the other 3: your process, people, or pieces. Say the word “you” more than I or We. Say the words unique, different and opportunity more than the words better or best.

-Showcase “average joes”, not “athletes”, I’ve tested this, videos of overweight people doing ball slam CRUSHES Snatch PR videos.

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