Owner of CrossFit Templum Triples Leads, Doubles Revenue with Big Little Gyms

Eric Wrona was tired and burnt out. Burnt out from spending so much time and energy on marketing and advertising efforts for his gym, CrossFit Templum in Texas, a gym he opened in 2009. 

“Just the whole ads process. I was burnt out and it was just too time-consuming,” said Wrona, adding that he also knew he desperately needed a new website.

That’s when he turned to Big Little Gyms for help.

Two years later and Wrona’s organic web leads have jumped from 10, or maybe 20 on a great month, to anywhere from 30 to 50 a month.

“And the conversion (rate) is a lot higher, and the amount of effort that I’m having to put into these leads is a lot less,” said Wrona, whose membership base and average client value has also increased since working with Big Little Gym’s Will Hurst. 

Wrona credits the website Big Little Gyms built him, as well as their processes and systems—including follow-up texts and email drips—with helping drive more organic leads from the website into his gym way more effectively than paying for ads all the time ever did. 

“The systems that they have in place for following up with leads and generating organic traffic has just been a huge benefit for me,” he said. 

Wrona added: “The emphasis they put on improving your business profile on Google has helped tremendously, as well. We went from 25 to 30 reviews on Google to…we have over 130 now, so that has really helped with our ranking and organic traffic. That has been huge.”

What did all of this means for his bottom line?

On top of bringing in and converting more leads, another big financial help since joining Big Little Gyms has come from introducing their nutrition coaching program—Atomic Nutrition—created by nutrition coach Erin Hurst.

“The first time we rolled it out, (we brought in nearly) $10,000 in increased revenue,” Wrona said.

Today, he runs the included Atomic Nutrition Coaching system, which is always “a good bump in revenue,” he explained. 

All of this means that Wrona has doubled his monthly revenue since joining Big Little Gyms, even in the slowest times of the year.

“We have been in business a little over 10 years and July is typically our lowest month, and this last July we nearly doubled our revenue from what it has been in previous months. We hit 45K (and) we have never been over 22 or 23K in July,” he said. 

Thus, Wrona is adamant that Big Little Gyms should be a no-brainer for the small gym owner, not just from a revenue standpoint, but from a time-saving one, too. 

“The biggest thing was to not have to spend as much time following up with leads and creating ads. Those things are just too time-intrusive, and now it seems like I have just as much value without having to put in (too) much time and effort…So if you’re needing to save time, or find a way to increase lead generation, and follow-up and conversion, they have the systems in place that will help with that.”

He added: “And the community has been great, as well. Being plugged in with other gym owners that can share other successes and failures really helps.”


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