For larger businesses with more reach, disconnection from its avatar and many role players, creating an advisory board is a great way to invite industry leaders into an ongoing relationship with your company so they can be partners in your success. They can be sounding boards, provide introductions to prospective funders and clients, and they can provide public validation for your business. Could a gym see the same benefits from having a board?


These days it’s very easy to upset a lot of people at once with a single statement or decision. We also want all of our members to feel included. One solution that has been discussed is an advisory board.

Typically for larger businesses, an advisory board can have a lot of benefit in regards to connecting with customers, networking and guidance.

In today’s video, I discuss whether or not those benefits have any degree of transferability to a brick n’ mortar gym business and what your options are for getting guidance.

Check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments?

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Will Hurst & the team at Big Little Gyms

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